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- Sisal Rope -

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GST Not Included
30 Metre Minimum Order
Sisal is a natural fiber rope made from the fiber of the Agave plant. This rope is mostly used as ornamental rope in Landscaping application or visual merchandising. However it is still a very strong rope and more than enough to be used as a swing or other application where the rope will be placed under a load.

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Additional Information

Rope Specifications
Diameter Breaking
at break
6 mm 230 kg 1.5 150° C 9%
12 mm 840 kg 1.5 150° C 9%
24 mm 3590 kg 1.5 150° C 9%

Sensitive to:
Mineral acids, weak or strong paints, detergents, chemical salts, fats, weathering and sunlight

Resistant to:
Volatile petroleum solvents, batching oils, alkalis.